The East Bank of Luxor refers to the central part of Luxor Township, centered on the twin foci of the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak. Unlike the West Bank, which was always the main area for cemeteries and mortuary temples, the East Bank represented the main settlement of the living throughout the millennia – a role that has hardly changed. The vast majority of hotels and tourist facilities are to be found in the East Bank.
The layout of Luxor town is fairly straightforward: arranged about the temples of Karnak and Luxor actually some 3 km “1.9 miles” apart, in the north and south of the city respectively, are four main roads with a network of many small streets between them:The Corniche el-Nil “usually just referred to as ‘the Corniche’, running along the east bank of the Nile and connecting most of the major attractions. Sharia al-Mahatta, linking the railway station with the area around Luxor TempleSharia Karnak, running inland parallel to the Nile and the Corniche. Sharia Televizyon, in the southern part of the town, an area of inexpensive accommodation
While your day tour to East Bank in Luxor you will see the Temple of Luxor, open daily May-September 6AM – 8PM, October-April 6AM-9PM, as it stands today, largely the work of Amenhotep III and Ramesses II the Great “whose colossi and obelisk stand at the entrance”. Also to be seen is the small “hanging” Mosque of Abu al-Haggag, its position a reflection of the ground level that had built up before excavation of the temple precinct, the Temple of Karnak – more accurately, the Temples of Karnak, open daily May-September 6AM-6PM, October-April 6AM-5PM, The famous Hypostyle hall at Karnak
the Karnak Open Air Museum, an off-shoot to the Karnak temple complex, accessed just before the Second Pylon at left, featuring an amazing array of statuary and reconstructed temple structures. Don’t miss this! Ticket to be bought from the Karnak ticket office. Open 6AM – 5.30PM daily.
Luxor Museum, open daily October-April 9AM-3PM and 4PM-9PM, May-September 9AM-1PM and 5PM-10PM, located approximately halfway between Luxor and Karnak temples on the Corniche el-Nil. A small but quality collection of antiquities, mainly from the Luxor region. Includes most of the remarkable collection of pharaonic statuary found in a hidden cache within Luxor Temple in 1989, displayed in a special annex. Statue of Amenhotep III in Luxor MuseumMuseum of Mummification, Corniche el-Nil, open daily October-April 9AM-2PM and 4PM-9PM, May-September 9AM-2PM and 5PM-10PM, opposite the Mina Palace Hotel, as the name suggests, the small but fascinating collection is devoted to mummification practices.


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