“..Nowhere has the ancient ocean left a more brilliant legacy upon the landscape than at the Colored Canyon..”
“The Coloured Canyon in the Sinai Mountains of Egypt is a popular location for hiking and trekking”
A Land of Contrasts: Egypt is a land of contrasts – the “red land” and the “black land”, the white sands and brilliant blue skies, the soft curve of the dunes and the perfect angles of the pyramids. One area considered to be a vast, unbroken range of desert plains and arid mountains are the central and coastal regions of the Sinai Peninsula, but interestingly it is home to one of the most unique natural features in Egypt. The Colored Canyon is the result of ancient ocean activity across the now nearly water-less peninsula.
The History :Millions of years earlier, the Sinai Peninsula resided beneath the surface of the Red Sea, and as the waters receded they carved out deep grooves in the surface of the land. The canyon provides visitors with the striking evidence of this long-ago activity, and it also illustrates the composition of the canyon walls, which are primarily sandstone and limestone in a wide variety of shades, colors and hues.
When History Tell you That from Millions of years ago, Sinai was covered by the sea, and nowhere has the ancient ocean left a more brilliant legacy upon the landscape than at the Colored Canyon, near Nuweiba. A visit to the canyon provides instant recognition of where it gets its name. The walls of the canyon, which reach up to sixteen stories, are easily the most colorful and intriguing rock formations in all of Sinai. They were created by the erosion of water upon sandstone and limestone. In some places the deep coloration of rocks gives the canyon walls a prismatic and metallic sheen; in others, the stone is so smooth that it appears soft and pillowy. The canyon mouth is accessible by car, and its short length [about 700 meters] makes for perfect hiking. As one ventures into the canyon, the walls narrow in width to just a few feet in some places, giving the channel a close and secretive atmosphere. The canyon is most commonly compared to the Jordanian city of Petra, although here the spectacle is completely natural. You will said What a place for visiting!, Hiking and Trekking: Modern hikers and backpackers have been trekking through the Sinai desert and mountains for decades, following the same routes used by ancient tradesmen, pilgrims and locals. These “wadis” or canyons can be difficult to locate or reach, but the Coloured Canyon is accessible by car, and is only a short walk into the hills. The canyon is a commonly photographed location, with its contrasting textures of rugged and softly formed stones, and numerous depths of color and sheen. Some areas of the canyon reach over sixteen stories in height, providing dramatic effects in light and shadow, and giving the entire location a mysterious and ancient atmosphere. The nearest town to the Colored Canyon, Sinai Peninsula is Nuweiba. This smaller town along the “Red Sea Riviera” is a great place to find local Bedouin guides who are happy to provide tours of the canyon and its surrounding areas..


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