Sharm Excursion Introductory Diving Trip in Tiran Island; Day Tour by boat to Tiran Island enjoy diving under the magical crystal water over there and be close to the coral reef and Colored Fish.

Sharm el Sheikh Shore Excursion – Diving, Tiran Island

No trip to Sharm el Sheikh would be complete without a trip to Tiran Island. Non-divers will be thrilled to see it  caught as the sun goes down shimmering between Sharm El Sheikh and Saudi Arabia. A famous destination for excursions known for its charming and unique nature. For divers and snorkelers Tiran Island is pure paradise lagoons and banks coral everywhere with teeming marine life. Tiran Island lies in the Gulf of Aqaba a stretch of water more that 1 800 meters deep the water is crystal clear and perfect for diving. From early morning there are plenty of tourists waiting for the departure of their boat on the south side of Naama Bay or Sharks Bay. If you are diving expect things to take a leisurely pace – we are now on ‘Egyptian time’.  Diving equipment food and all kind of other dive stuff has to be organized. Have patience don’t question lie back and enjoy the sun. The trip to Tiran Island takes about an hour sometimes less. Most boats will stop at any number of reefs on the way to Tiran Island. Gordon Reef and Jackson Reef are well known dive sites where the underwater marine life will fascinate every diver new or old, Compared to Ras Mohamed’s underwater world, these places are probably of the same beauty, The Strait of Tiran is the narrow sea passage, about 5 kilometers [3 miles] wide, that lies at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba and is delimited to the west by the coast of Sinai and to the east by the island of Tiran. In the middle of this canal there are four coral reefs that were named after the 19th century English cartographers who drew the first nautical map of this region. Their names are Jackson Reef, Woodhouse Reef, Thomas Reef, and Gordon Reef. Beside those four main reefs, there’s yet another reef bordering the western side of the island of Tiran called the Laguna Reef. Also there’s a wreck in the area and it has a very interesting story! On the same level with the Strait of Tiran, the Gulf of Aqaba passes from an average width of 20 to 4 kilometers [12 to 2.5 miles], while the floor ranges from a depth of 1,270 meters [4,166 feet] to only 71 meters [233 feet]. This particular configuration of the strait reduces deep water exchange between the Gulf of Aqaba and the rest of the Red Sea, causing an increase of salinity and temperature. On the other hand it gives rise to an increase in the speed of the tidal currents and the average height of the waves. The peculiar topographical arrangement of these reefs and the presence of prevailing winds coming from the north, which are stronger in the morning and calmer in the afternoon, means their western and northern sides [or outside] are much more exposed to the action of the waves than the eastern and southern ones, which are inside and sheltered. The strong currents characterizing the Strait of Tiran transport great quantities of plankton and other nutrient material every day, thus supplying a great deal of food to the corals and hence to the reef fish, which in turn are eaten by the large pelagic predators such as barracudas, jacks, tunas, Consequently, SCUBA divers in the waters of Tiran are sure to see not only an infinite number of corals but also rich fish life.

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