Jerusalem The Holy City Excursion Day Trip By Bus From Sharm el sheikh ; Jerusalem A holy city to three religions “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam”, Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world. The City of Gold, as it has come to be known in Hebrew, is a fascinatingly unique place where the first century rubs shoulders with the twenty-first century, each jostling for legitimacy and space, and where picturesque “old” neighborhoods nestle against glistening office towers and high-rise apartments. It is one of those places which has to be seen to be believed.
The Old City of Jerusalem is that part of Jerusalem surrounded by the impressive 16th century Ottoman city walls and representing the heart of the city both historically and spiritually. In a city already divided, the Old City is further divided culturally and historically into four Quarters: (clockwise from the south-east) the Jewish Quarter, the Armenian Quarter, the Christian Quarter and the Muslim Quarter.
The core of Jerusalem, Old City, has a history that stretches back more than 3,000 years. The present street plan dates largely from Byzantine times, with the walls and ramparts dating back to the 16th century. The crossroad of three continents, Jerusalem has been one of the most fought over cities in human history. Within the walls, the Old City is divided into four vaguely defined quarters: Christian, Armenian, Jewish and Muslim.
You do not need to be Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, or even be overly concerned with religion, to be overwhelmed. Anyone with a sense of history, spirituality or the human species should be absorbed by the tremendous weight of human civilization that cloaks nearly every part of the city. It is an inhabited, living city – not a deserted museum or monument. Humanity’s passion play has been constant revival at this location for most of the length of recorded history.
As small as the Old City is, it has four distinct districts with different cultures and attitudes.

  • The Christian Quarter is what you arrive in from Jaffa Gate.
  • The Armenian Quarter is also Christian, but distinct as well.
  • The Jewish Quarter is the heart of Jewish life in the Old City.
  • The Muslim Quarter is the largest and hosts the Dome of the Rock and other famous landmarks. Despite its name, there are several Jewish families residing within it.


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