During your holiday in Sharm el sheikh or Hurghada, The red sea under water marine life will attract you for a snorkeling trips.

The red sea life is really a rich marine life. It’s a lot to see Coral reefs, Colorful fish, Dolphins and finally sea Turtles.They swim around you during your red sea snorkeling day out.

Its almost four main kinds of Turtles you van sea in Egypt marine life.

The green turtle: which consider one of the largest sea turtles which mainly live in Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The overharvesting eggs is threaten the Green turtles and minimize the chance of Reproduction, specially there is unjust hunting of adults, and losing the ideal nesting beaches due to Population creep.

Tropical water places such as Atlantic, The pacific and Indian Oceans, Consider as a main home for the Hawksbi Turtles.

Hawksbi turtle don’t like the deep waters places, They more like the coastline to use the sandy beaches as nests .

The Hawksbi Turtle ts more available to see it during your snorkeling in Egypt red sea sites.

The leatherback turtle which also called the gentle giant, it’s the largest sea turtles. Its can reach up to 1.8 Meter and over than 650 KG.

On the contrary of The Hawksbill turtle it can dive up to 1000 Meters under water through its migration.
The Olive Ridley turtle consider as one of the smallest sea turtles as its size around 2 feet only it also known as the Pacific ridley sea turtle, it lives in warm water and tropical waters. the Pacific and Indian Oceans consider is the main areas for the Olive Ridley Turtle.

Egypt coast beaches in Sharm el sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam are reaches with the sea turtles when can be easly noticed during your Snorkel or diving Activity specially near National park Ras Mohamed.

Sea Turtles Egypt

Don’t miss a snorkeling chance with Sea Turtles during you Holiday to Egypt

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