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Sharm Portable wifi

Sharm Touring Egypt Portable wifi

Now is possible to use Internet by cheap price in Sharm el-Sheikh in all Hotels & Resorts Yes, It’s Possible Now, Just Try It.

Drop off and collection to all Sharm el Sheikh hotels

Now You Can Use Internet at All Sharm El Sheikh Hotels & Resorts by Low Price and Much Cheaper Than Using your mobile or the wireless available at the hotels and resorts in Sharm El Sheikh, So We Provide the solution and the easy way to use the internet with low price and high speed whatever you stay at any hotel or resort in sharm elsheikh so try it, It will be better for you to use it.
Whilst here on holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, why not try our new portable wifi units to connect to the internet, anytime, anyplace, anywhere for a fantastic low rate . Use Skype to make phone calls home – much cheaper than using your UK mobile – Facetime, facebook & Twitter. Whatsapp, Viber, etc.
Each unit will come with a large prepaid amount of data credit. If you need more data? Then we can normally arrange within the hour. This will be preloaded for you up to the amount required and payment (1 week 25GBP / 10 Days 30GBP/ 2 Weeks 35GBP)
Payment for the Internet data & Wifi unit will be made when we deliver the unit.
Don’t pay the extortionate roaming charges from the UK providers, don’t all queue up around the hotel reception to get the hotel wifi signal, be available 24/7 with these fantastic cost saving devices. 
Detail Small, portable mobile device that can handle up to 5 Devices at one time. within a 20 meter radius.
Collections We deliver daily to all hotels and collect on the day of departure.
Duration On your request
Deposit: A deposit of £30 is payable upon receipt of the unit and is fully 
refundable upon return of the unit.

Free Delivery & Collection to all Sharm el Sheikh hotels.

For further information please call (+2) 01211157472
Or use our easy form to ask about anything you need to know and book one for your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.

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