How to Book and Pay with Sharm Touring Egypt?

We offer the most powerful and easiest payment and booking ways through our network on the Internet. So as to make it in easy way to our customers.
We will not ask you to pay a deposit. unless your trip contain a flight tickets booking on a regular flight. (Egypt air or Nile air)
We will not Demand you to pay a portion of the money for trips not contain a flight tickets, like the rest of the other tourist sites that require payment of 10% till 40% of the value of booking to send you a booking confirmation.
We present you the easiest and safest way to pay and get reservation confirmation also without any fees. Just book tours you want through our website and contact us and we will respond to you to confirm your booking in dates want, then we will send you the booking confirmation.
How can I book a trip?
All Trips can be booked on our website with our online booking form which can be found at the top right hand corner in the section Contact US.
To make a booking you will need to enter the following information:
Just enter Name, Email, Surname, age, date of birth, nationality and as well a contact email and telephone number, Choose Your Trip, Mobile NO, Date of Trip, and Number. Of Adult and write Additional Note and then just click send with our easy form.
Please be informed that it is important that the all details indicated above are inserted correctly into our booking system. Details submitted during booking should match the details on confirmation print.
 If you do not wish to book Online, feel free to email us on
Or call us at +2 01150043022 Mr. Shazly Will Answer You.
How do I get my booking confirmed?
Once you have completed your booking, an automatic email confirmation will be sent to you with the breakdown of the booking list information
How can I pay? & when I should pay?

Payment will be cash when you arrival, during held a short meeting!

You Will pay when you come here in Egypt and send us a sms or call us, when we get your sms or call will come to you at the hotel where you stay and we made a short meeting during which it would explain the all details of trips and dates pick up time for your tours.
All the details that you want to know you will informed for sure. Then we will get you the full price of the trip and give you cash receipt Voucher it will contain all the details about the trip and the amount you paid.
You will use this voucher to give it to our delegate, who will meet you at the hotel or pick up place to start of the journey.

Isn’t this the easiest and simplest ways to book and trusted payment method?

You can contact us through the following means:
Call us: +2 0211157472  Mr. Shazly Will Answer You. 

Whatsapp:+2 01150043022
Viber:+2 01150043022

You can use our Contact form:
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