During your holiday in Egypt, one of the most interested Egypt trips is to swim with Dolphins.
This animals may attract you only by shape of smooth and playful figures.Here we butting in front of your eyes some Egypt Dolphins interested facts, which will attract you more to watch the Dolphins or swim with them during your vacation in Egypt.

You will discover how are the dolphins are magnificent, Charming beings and is not enough to know it by only its name and distinctive form

A lot of people do not know the reality of these smart beings, and you will discover today that they are much stranger and far more wonderful than we imagine.

  • Dolphins live in all seas and oceans. or even in some rivers except the polar seas, and are familiar with Exposed and coastal water areas, but rarely appear near the Beaches or shallow waters.
  • – A group live is the most famous live style for Dolphins, as they lives a groups 10-100 and sometimes number can be 1000 dolphins in one group.
  • Immigration from place to another is also a dolphins live style as usually emigrate
  • from the Mediterranean Sea to the shores of America and back to the same place in a circular tour.
  • The new Scientific researches have shown that dolphins have  a unique system of communication that is unlike any living organism. The communication system Consists of  32 different voices. Dolphins can communicate with each other so that scientists have discovered that dolphins salute each other, and call some of them by names like humans.
  • Dolphins also using their voices to determine the different directions. They make loud voices and then resonate to determine the direction and distance of objects around them. This is used to search for food and swim in the sea without colliding with obstacles.
  • Some dolphins also making very high sounds waves that cause a death for the small fish around its range. To be an easy meal for the Dolphins.
  • – Research has also revealed that dolphins have a very sharp sense of hearing giving their the ability of hearing underwater sound 15 miles away,
Swimming with Dolphins in Sharm El Sheikh

Swimming with Dolphins in Sharm Elsheikh one of the popular sharm trips. Enjoy playing with the most smart Dolphins ever

Sharm Dolphin Show

Enjoy the unique Sharm Dolphin Show, Discover the smart way of playful dolphins in front of your eyes.