Although the great Pyramid is usually is the main target for all tourists during their Cairo trip, but the sphinx mystery of Crypts will let you more interested discovering this Amazing Statue.

The most interested facts are the Crypts which in located in the body of statue and around the body of the sphinx

The Most important of these Crypts is located in the middle of the statue and you can notice during your visit to the sphinx there is a metal door,
It is not known precisely where to lead this Crypts.

The Crypts which located on the left side leg of the statue is sounded by a lot of Mysteries.

The crypt which found in the front of the Sphinx by the Italian scientist (Barzi)
Is about 5 feet square and about 6 feet deep.

This Crypt is located between the paint named Thutmos dream paint and the Sphinx.
The Crypt is also closed by an iron door.

Sphinx Mystery of the Crypts

Sphinx Mystery of the Crypts- the top body Crypt