Cairo Excursions From Sharm el sheikh, Hurghada, to Greater Cairo and out of cairo to alexandria by flight or bus

Excursions To Cairo From Sharm El Sheikh , Hurghada and Also In Greater Cairo

Today’s Greater CAI is a city with at least 18 million inhabitants, where skyscrapers and fast food restaurants nestle up to world heritage monuments. Originally, CAI was the designated name of the city on the eastern bank of the Nile, and this is where you’ll find both the modern Downtown, built under influence of French architecture, today the centre of commerce and popular life, as well as historical Islamic and Coptic sights.
Outside the core on the eastern bank, you’ll find the modern, more affluent suburbs of Heliopolis and Nasr City near the airport, and Ma’adi to the south. In the middle of the Nile is the island of Gezira and Zamalek, more Western and tranquil than the rest of the city. On the western bank is lots of modern concrete and business, but also the great Giza pyramids and, further to the south, Memphis and Saqqara. The city might seem like a lot to handle, but give it a try, and you will find that it has a lot to offer for any traveler.

You can see
Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx; The only remaining monuments of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it is the country’s most famous tourist attraction. Egyptian Museum; [250 m north of Tahrir square] Located in the Midan Tahrir area and officially named Museum of Egyptian Antiquities but known to all as the Egyptian Museum, it hosts the world’s premier collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Citadel and Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha; in Islamic CAI (ALkahera or AlQahera). A grand castle built by Salah Al-Din. Also parts of the water pipes [Majra Al-Oyouon] are still there, these pipes used to carry the water from the Nile River to the citadel. Mohamed Ali is considered to be the founder of modern Egypt, the ancestor of the last King of Egypt, King Farouk. Al-Azhar Mosque; One of the pillars of Islamic thought and home to the world’s oldest university. Ibn Tulun; [Close to Sayida Zeinab] Arguably the oldest mosque in CAI, built between 868-884. The Coptic Museum; in Coptic CAI.The “Hanging Church” [Church of the Virgin Mary]; in Zabaleen Area [District of Manshiet Nasser] below Mokkatam Hills, not far away from the Citadel. Cairo Tower; [185 m./610 ft.] on Gezira Island offers a 360-view of ALkahera, along with the Giza Pyramids off in the distance to the west. Al-Azhar Park; A recently opened landscaped gardens overlooking the Citadel. Khan El Khalily; ALkahera’s souk area where visitors will find many merchants selling perfume, spices, Gold, Egyptian hand craft. Abdeen Palace; Located about one Kilometer away from the Midan El-Tahrir a five minutes walk, home of the last king of Egypt the exiled king Farouk. Pharaonic Village; It is about twenty minutes driving from Downtown. It is village representing and showcasing Egypt. It starts with a boat ride which shows the ancient Gods and rulers followed by live demonstrations of how Egyptians lived and worked.

Cairo Excursions Start from Sharm El Sheikh By Plane or Coach

 Cairo Excursions By Plane For 1 Day Tour

Cairo Excursion Trip by Air 1 Day

     Cairo Day Tour By Flight For Two Days

Cairo Excursion Trip by Air Two Days

 Cairo Excursion Day Trip By Bus For 1 Day

Cairo Excursion Tour by Bus one Day

 Cairo Excursion Tour By Bus For Two Days

Cairo Excursion Tour by Bus two Days

  AL kahera (CAI) Overnight Day Tour By Air

Cairo Overnight Trip by Plane

   Giza Pyramids Sound & Light Show Trip

Pyramids Sound and Light Show

 Enjoyable Romantic Trip, Cairo Nile Cruise

Cairo Tour and Nile Cruise

Mixture Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic Cairo Trip

Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic Cairo

Cairo Private Full Package Tour By Aircraft

Full Package Touring by Airplane

Cairo & Luxor Trip + Hot Air Balloon 2 Days

Tangible History Tour to Luxor, Cairo with Hot air Balloon, 2 Days

Excursions To Cairo Start From Hurghada By Airplane

   Cairo Excursions By Flight For One Day

Tour to Cairo by Flight, one day

 Cairo Tour By Air For One Night /Two Days

Tour to Cairo by Plane, two days

Excursions Start From Cairo [in Greater CAI & Outside Cairo To Alex]

 Cairo Stopover Transit Tour in Greater CAI

Cairo Stopover Transit Touring

Giza Pyramids, Memphis & Saqqara Round

Giza Pyramids, Memphis and Saqqara

Magic Visit To Coptic Cairo and The Citadel

Visit Coptic Cairo and The Citadel

 Pyramids Plateau & Egyptian Museum Trip

The Pyramids and Egyptian Museum

 Giza Plateau Pyramids & The Great Sphinx

Giza Pyramids and Sphinx

 Private Excursion Day Tour To Alexandria

Private Day Tour to Alexandria

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