Useful Information

  • Visa

All Egyptian consulates issue visas and they can also be issued at the airports for some nationalities.

  • Climate

Take care in the dry climate and very high temperature, especially during the summer. Make sure you get enough fluids by drinking plenty of bottled water which is available everywhere. We also advise guests to take care when sunbathing.
Take good care from the difference of temperature between the heat outdoor your hotel or boat and the air conditioned area indoor.

  • Voltage

220 v 2 pin plug. Don’t use any other electrical equipment than tape players, radios, hairdryers and shavers in your cabin.

  • Culture/Religion

Egypt is a Muslim country with a very different culture and mentality to that of the west. Please expect a lot of attention from local people who will give you an exceptional welcome in their land.

  • Alcohol

As Egypt is a Muslim country, alcohol is not served everywhere. They are available in hotels, bars, discotheques, pubs, on board the Nile cruisers and in most restaurants. You may find alcohol quite expensive, due to the fact that taxation on such products is very high. Imported beer and wine are more expensive than local products.

  • Language

In Egypt the spoken language is Arabic, but English is widely spoken and understood. However, if you can spend sometime picking up a few words of Arabic, the locals will be absolutely delighted.

  • Telephoning Home

International calls can be made via your cruise reception or in all the hotels. Calling internationally is expensive and you will find that a minimum charge of a 3 minute call usually applies.

  • Egyptian Currency and Changing Money

The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian Pound, which is made up of 100 piaster. Coins start with 25 piaster, 50 piaster and 1 pound. Egyptian notes start with one pound, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 The value of each note is written in English in one side and Arabic numbers on the other side.

  • Shopping

Egypt is a shopper’s paradise and you can find many wonderful gifts for your family and friends. There is a huge variety ranging from herbs and spices to gold and silver, perfume oils, papyrus paper and statues.

  • Tour Tips

When on tours please wear comfortable walking shoes, a hat and carry plenty of drinking water. Spare cash will be required to cover any gratuities or extra camera ticket cost, which are not including in the excursion price. At some historic sites, photography is completely forbidden as is the use of a flash. Your guide will always be on hand to advise you of such details as they arise.

  • Tipping

One of the greatest pleasures of travelling in Egypt is the friendliness of the people especially in the hotels and the cruise boats. All the staff strives to provide a very high standard of service. In view of this, it is customary to leave a tip, otherwise known as Baksheesh. Tipping is not restricted to foreigners and you will often see during your travels within Egypt, local people leaving a tip for any service provided.