Experience Romance – Couple Retreats & Honeymoon in Egypt

Sharm Touring Egypt Experiences, Romance, Couple Retreats & Honeymoon in Egypt

Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony were charmed by Cleopatra and the romance of Egypt.

Today, you too can share the charm of Egypt and enjoy an unforgettable romantic vacation.  

Imagine walking the powder-white sands of pristine Red Sea beaches.

Feel the sun at your back and the sand covering your feet.

Hear the waves.

See the wide expanse of the sea. 

Now picture the two of you discovering hand in hand breathtaking scenery on a sensational desert tour.

Take in the heat of the day and see different desert hues as far as the eye can see until the day gives way to a moonlit night.

The sound of oriental music is in the air, the stars are shining and you’re dancing by the camp fire.

Lose and find yourself with your partner.

Experience a river cruise to share a seductive blend of luxury, sightseeing and intimate moments overlooking Ancient Egyptian monuments while gliding gently along the dreamlike Nile River.

Take pleasure in candlelit dinners with spectacular backdrops.

Whether it’s a well planned honeymoon or a spontaneous winter getaway, Egypt is perfect for a romantic getaway under the brilliant sun and starry night skies of Egypt.

Enjoy a captivating blend of European refinement and exotic Middle Eastern culture, Egypt is made for two.