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Venture deep into the desert; safaris to Western Desert oases, the stunning Great Sand Sea desert and the Sinai desert are engrossing adventures. Rev your engine, quad biking in the Eastern Desert is a rush. Hiking the mountains of the Sinai is a gripping experience.  Camping in the White Desert is surreal.

Discover the unexpected; diving from the coasts of Egypt constantly unravels underwater treasures and an abundance of undersea life.

You can choose to go for German submarine and Napoleonic era warship wreck dives, coral reef diving in the Red Sea or explore underwater ruins in the Mediterranean that date back from the golden age of the pharaohs up to the reign of Cleopatra.

If you don’t care to dive but would still love to get wet, harness the wind! Kite surfing in Safaga is adrenaline packed fun.

See our collection of adventure itineraries and attractions to start planning your very own adventure in Egypt.

Get an overview of the attractions that will get your thirst for discovery quenched or your adrenaline pumping.

Whether you choose to sail the Nile, backpack the length Egypt or go horseback riding across the mountains of the Sinai, adventures in Egypt are spellbinding.