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When you decide to visit Egypt for vacation you will surely think of type, nature and the cities to be visited and activities to be undertaken by the Food that prefer to eat and experience like to do, The feelings that you want to feel, adventures that are thinking of performance, culture that wants to discover, customs & traditions, culture and Artifacts and tourist sites “Sightseeing”, community, spirituality and activities sea water, adventures safari desert, everything on your mind when you think and plan to visit Egypt so you can savor Egypt several different flavors.Some Tourist Organizations breaks them down into [Five Tastes & Flavors] and we prefer to split into [Six Tastes & Flavors] in travel to Egypt. Fall underneath many, many tourism activities, social and ethical and all the benefits that return from travel on humans so we will review the first [Five Division Tastes and flavors to travel to Egypt]. Then we will review briefly the second division as we would prefer a [Six Tastes & Flavors to travel to Egypt] with more depth and complexity and to clarify … This Pages constantly renewed.. So you can follow this section constantly to know more about experiences that can be gained and feel it during your visit to Egypt…

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Now we come to The Second Official Partition and we prefer and believe that more accurate information and used by Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, the World Tourism Organization and many researchers in the field of tourism studies in the marketing of the markets and tourist that we care about and believe it is very useful for those who wish to visit Egypt…

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